What the best thing in the chap ?

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When Jack could wreck Navy ships in battle against top tiers
Yet King and Queen gets low diffed by 1 top tier

Jack beats sulong army, matches dukes...

King and Queen need to team up to handle Marco
People really sleep on Jack. He's by far Kaidos best calamity.

BTW, Jack beat the minks twice!

The sulong army on the roof, and the minks that jumped him while he was on his way to the scabbard after they got healed. Jack & the scabbards recovered, yet Jack had to fight the minks army again before his fight with inu. Whatever chapter he told Black Maria to fall back because the flying 6 couldn't handle it.

& it's crazy because if not for splitting the sky Jack would've won too!
And Zoro who can cut Kaido like no issue couldn’t cut King. Same Kaido that was immune to G3 AP.

the stupid act is getting tired Ndule
Lol zoro could cut King....he bled him with onigiri

Keep crying
And you're overestimating Zoro's AP
King only blocked mid tier moves from Zoro

This chapter proves that King despite having advantage over plants as fire User, all it takes is koka to make him lose badly

Pre ryuo G4 will wreck King
Anyone with g3+ attacks will wreck King

Be happy, zoro didn't use his top moves like ISDS, Hyu kaen, Sanzen sekai, ashura vs King or else he'd be KOed.
Adcoc was too much for King to handle that's why mer mid move had him exhausted already
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