What the best thing in the chap ?

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If oda now tries to make Admiral too strong(after what we saw in MF)...it is going to create more mess for him to handle...I am guessing...as earlier...he has to make the remaining obstacle super broken/too strong even if it causes inconsistency so that story doesn't get affected...I mean technically Luffy defeated WSC...there should be no shounen obstacle at all for them now...but then it won't be a shounen.
no inconsistency. admirals and yonkou always were on a complete different level compared to yc.

in marineford 14 yc including marco and vista + crocodile fought akainu and akainu managed to fight back and even take one of the commanders down before the fight was interrupted

akainu x 14 yc + crocodile and he was still gaining the advantage.

the akazaya are also around yc level and kaido neg diffed 9 of them at the same time.

that is how much stronger top tier is. no combination of yc1+yc2 would make admiral or yonkou break a sweat except beckman because we do not know if he is a exception.

Gol D. Roger

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Not in the Kata agenda but this is bs.
Katakuri DF helps him to shape shift and just avoid any plant coming his way like he did with Luffy's Gatling Gun.
Katakuri DF is way more versatile and with his style of fighting it fits much more in a battle where the user can grow plants everywhere.
Katakuri has to deal with multiple tree branches coming his way covering a larger area than anything he could escape from? Even G3 was enough to capture Katakuri without him being able to avoid using shape-shifting. Also, GB's ability literally sucks nutrients out of things and what do you think happens when you fill the battlefield with food against such an ability? At least, think things through before going around and calling other people's takes BS.
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