If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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It's not even proper power but an imagined high ground on which he and his ilk reside

They're kings of weebs in essence, and not even of a big part of the fandom but rather a niche of a niche.
It's typical control freak/abuser behaviour and language. I have immense experience with this both as a victim especially for my whole life but also imitating said behaviour too unfortunately and regretfully.
Just one word… Joffrey
It's about whoever's giving Redon/Lance info. The earlier the leaks are, the easier it is to see who they came from / what internal parties are involved because the supply of early scans/info is much more limited.
I don’t think so man. Every spoilers has a big fat text that says “confirmed by redon” that clearly suggests redon is the spoiler lord of one piece community. Do you really think they would let him go and instead care about who’s giving redon the info? They can literally arrest him and make him spit the info out.

Even I as a common man on the internet know about the status of redon in the community. Again it’s like the same situation as news reporters finding Obama with ease but not the FBIs.
One month break for a fucking Sabo chapter, seriously??? :kidwat:

Who care's about that bum?? Give me Gear 5th Luffy vs Greenbull already! :lusalty:

How disappointing, and here i thought the hinted Flame Emperor in the title would be Luffy, but its Sabo instead. :seriously:
We needed this chapter though, it should have happened sooner imo but we needed this.
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