One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Omfg can´t believe there was really Caribou in that barrel :gokulaugh:

The chapter was not bad but after over 1000 chapters Oda still keeps beating around the bush like here is getting a bit annoying though. With a name like literally "Luffy´s dream" you´d expect to finally get that dream revealed to us readers, instead it´s just the old trick of only getting the other strawhat´s reactions :whitepress:

Good things are that the story is moving forwards with faster pace now and that funny moment when everyone insulted Zoro :milaugh:
The reactions of some nakamas are at least giving tiny bits of hints of Luffy´s dream, it´s most likely something that sounds childish but would be great if it happened, problem seems to be that it seems almost possible to achieve. And it has to do with the pirate king title, so the circumstances have to be very different this time because Roger could not manage to reach it. And I´m pretty sure that it was initially Joyboy´s dream.

And Nami + Vivi shipping kinda confirmed, Nami was super concerned about her girlfriend´s safety^^
Confirmed by my thread that Buggy is gonna be pirate king, luffy will find out he doesn't need to be Pirate king to achieve his dream.
Only to do everythign needed, like reach laugh tale and find the One piece.
Whats the point on using it on baltigo after the battle was over and nobody was there?
The events were vaguely stated but if cp0 got there by the time teach was still there and clashed with him compared to the speed of this weapon being so fast that it reached the kingdom and annihilated it just as sabo went through some sentences after mentioning the name of the kingdom imu could have killed two birds with one stone. Just destroy baltigo along with dragon and teach why bother sending cp0 if that would give both the parties time to escape?
This timing and the usage of this weapon doesn't make sense for me in plot point of view. I hope there's a good reason for that