One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Gorosei Informer

We fought admirably, but it's over. Might as well have some fun with the memes and all :ihaha:
Aye, I'll be sure to ask if you're having fun too when you're falling down a waterfall .

Are you having fun Mr Reloaded?

Seriously though memes are all we have now thanks to Goda lol. Sigh.

How it feels to be a Carrot and Yamato fan:

The whale is Zunesha or Jinbei or something idk.
10/10 chapter.

What's the chance of Sabo being dead right now? He just has one way to escape that is flying using Mera Mera no Mi.

That power of Im Sama is insane, I would guess that this is Uranus. But not 100% certain.

And as I said before, we a knew that Bonney was important since Akainu had a nervous shakedown when he saw her one time.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing chapter. Just waiting for 1061...
Guys I don’t think that we’ll get an Elbaf arc, the next arc is about the Revos.
Dragon is finally making his move and this chapter was a set up.
The crew met Bonney and we will finally learn the truth about Kuma's past!
Bonney will also tell them the truth about Sabo, he rescued her
Nope it’s Vegapunks island

throughout the entire alliance we saw mates of b
vegapunk one by one

Ceaser - Punk hazard and dressrosa

Judge - wci

Queen - wano

and vegapunks last base was also in a very snowy island with extreme freezing weather
The sequence is chilling, a vortex, all up to the climax: the disbelief and shock in Sabo's eyes, almost panic, the awareness of Gorosei about what was about to happen, like a real God's judgment, the first and last zoom of Imu's madness concretized in its twisting impious eyes, the parallel with the atomic bomb from a Japanese author.

All of these just make this chapter unbelievable, I never felt so tensed like this since the death of old Whitebeard, God! :zorothink: