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Yeah I dont agree with that behaviour of his either, he can be petty at times. If its paranoia over getting into trouble, I'd sympathise with him as leakers do get caught and arrested and hes been doing this for a VERY long time so he will have been trying to protect his own ass and trying to not get into shit for that long too naturally, seeing others getting caught and jailed and such too.

If people didnt constantly kiss his ass too, beg him for hints and spoilers, they do it to Eten too, she admitted she gets spammed with questions about chapters and spoilers and ive seen it firsthand too, it would help too. Its a catch 22 situation. Neither side is truly innocent but one side is brutally ganging up one on one guy specifically and thats whats pissing me off especially.

As you said, its kind of pointless for him to do it as hes risking his own safety/life for doing this when the chapters will come out friday and regardless and its just for clout ultimately. But it doesnt justify constantly attacking him and bullying him on here either too.

People could just ignore him and not feed his ego so much, not give him so much power and clout but they are sychophants who ironically want constant "validation" from the "providers" and providers also enjoy the same in return from the people who worship them, its toxic as fuck, a toxic relationship.

People throwing fits/tantrums because spoilers are late or Redon refuses to drop them or w.e is pathetic and childish and makes them no better than Redon/Lance either ironically. Cant accuse others of throwing stones when you have stones in your hands too.

This place loves having a new target to bully and people have been bullied off here and yes I do include a certain Internet Lord which I also went after as well and I'm not proud of either, but god knows that its a complicated situation too and hes not exactly "innocent" either but it doesnt make us any better to hound him constantly and make him suffer constantly too.

I might just ask for a long time or even if possible permanent ban from here because this place just keeps driving me crazier too, I tryto take small breaks, come back but theres always drama and toxicity and I get caught up in it and wound up and then I lash out like this too and then arguments happen again too.

The staff haven't deleted my account upon contacting them twice now, not sure if they didn't see my message or they refuse to like they apparently did to DoctorIndigo but god knows if I could just delete my account here and walk away for good, I would. I need to stop coming back here because I'm just as addicted too and I'm tired of these dramas, arguments, toxicity and such as well.
Don't leave. If you leave, this forum won't be the same. I don't see many people that defend Redon even in the smallest bit, because that's how disliked he again this community, I'm sure.

If you leave, how many people will be left to be the voice to correct those who go too far?!

Even if you take long breaks at a time or only visit once the chapters release, atleast we'd be able to see you again

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