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I can't get it out of my head that this woman is the daughter/granddaughter/apprentice of vegapunk...maybe it's because she already had vegapunk as a dr. eggman/gero (apart from the fact that he was always referred to as a man) but we'll see what happens, I like the design and I love his robot!

By the way, the goth beauty with the marines is my new waifu.


I will never forgive Oda
I mean Sanji post fight with Queen looked much more hurt than Vinsmokes post fight with Kata + Oven.

Sanjis Diable Jambe AP in WCI is now proven to be well above Katakuris and Queen tanked those completely fine other than Hell Memories.

Katakuris future sight only seems to work on things he sees because when people do things outside of his sight (Flampe or Caesar) he hasn’t shown any way to detect it so queens invisible is basically a counter

Katakuri gets hurt by a base punch by oven, queens AP would destroy Katakuir.

Katakuri - Blueno
Queen - Jabra
King - Kaku
Kaido - Lucci
TBF Queen even took Exoskeleton Hells Memories like a champ. Sanji basically had to call him out on not feeling that cause he had no visual damage and wasn't sweating it. Exoskeleton Hells Memories >> WCI Sanji's AP

Making Katakuri the Blueno is so disrespectful but lmfaoooo I'm here for it.
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