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you really don’t think that the son of vegapunks coworker who fought vegapunks other coworker wouldn’t be relevant :pepeke:

that’s ignoring the obvious similarities between sora sanji and vegapunk

all show one eye
all are blonde
vegapunks look like sora
Vegapunk doesnt look loke sora at all actually then again you guys pretend that old sanji looks like rayleigh and not zeff so you can leech off of zoro:suresure:
Vegapunk arc might be transition arc before elbaf .

We'll learn about df and his past with judge on lineage factor. I am pretty sure this arc is damn crucial before we head to final arc.
I think it is better be called "Egghead Island Arc" and from the looks of it seems like they will raid Hachinosu Island to help Koby first will be pretty interesting considering BB was pitted as a final villain but he goes down this early then it will be either Akainu, Im and Shanks that are left as final villain... I can see a "Mary Geoise Arc" against Akainu and Im too, we could also have Loki as the big bad on "Elbaf Arc"
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