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Awesome Vegapunk, people really are this dumb about this girl being Vegapunk, she isn't Vegapunk.

Now it makes sence why bonney is here she's here for Vegapunk because of her reaction to kuma.

Screw the idiots Vegapunk is hype.
Guys let me just say this
No one is afraid or intimidated by Zoro

We all know this is how you all see him and this is what you want him to be but get real

The guy you’re worshipping
The guy you want him to be

Doesn’t even make a mere chef flinch…..try again
Kol paste Sanji face over ever zoro feat his pedo fans leach of Zoro
portrayal leach of his feats and haki for 20 years
Pray to be number 2 achieve number 4
Pray for coqs haki gets simpervation instead
No green hair cook

Like baking a cake hopefully :kuzanshut:
Vegapunk is the most mysterious character in the series even more than Dragon and Imu. I'm eager to see his/her design...just hope that it's not goofy character like Queen .
I want some handsome mad scientist
Oda took 6 years to wrap Kaido and BM and he still ended up ruining BM

We have Vegapunk, Shanks, BB, Mihawk, Admirals, RA, Gorosei and IMU and most importantly void century stuffs still untouched.

And, he thinks one piece will end in 3 years:kobeha::kobeha:
It can end in 3 years with off screens he likes to do and without adding thousands of unimportant characters, axing content.
One of the things that irks me about Oda, is that he never draws the geography or map of the world that he is "world building". They just went from Wano to the base of Vegapunk just like that?
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