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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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Chapter kinda confirms to me that Kaido’s drunk forms with how they made his body shape change were probably awakenings, and maybe that the weird Dino powers queen/king had might’ve been awakening too lol.
I feel like magma dragon kaido was his awakening.
Also shows why king used a magma dragon in the climax like kaido.

But king and queen nothing :josad:
I can post the scan of CP's best members being compared with the admirals; you already know what exactly I am talking about. Do you see the term "Yonko" besides the admirals in those panels? That's who you're comparing Lucci with to hype the admirals. That's where the problem is with what you're doing.
I'm not comparing, what I said his Lucci and every single WG Force are far weaker than the Admirals by portrayal alone, and if one of those forces have good feats, it translates to them, they are superior in every way.
I feel bad for shitting on Lucci, but SHs are just on a whole other tier now.

Since he got awakening, I'll put him over King/Marco, but that's it.
If you think marco gonna run away or being one shotted by G5 Luffy when he faced multiples admirals/ 2 DF Bb, you are living in another world.

And lol at King, dude can't even damage Luffy once so imagine a Lunarian...

You can argue about doffy vs lucci tho, it's free lol!
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