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Will we get an Elbaf Arc?

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Zoro doesn't fear anyone or anything, it's the weaker Strawhats specially the ones that got shat on by kid Jimbo that hold the crew down. The marines have at least someone close to the weakest Seraphim.
Zoro has yet to fear anyone in the series that I can think off. But he respects characters that are stronger than him. He wants to challenge them to get stronger but he is also wary of the outcome for his own sake but most of all for the threat to the weaker crew just like you wrote.

In example
Big Mom
Or maybe just clash and scene change. Typical Oda fashion. Anyways, Zoro can easily finish Kaku while sipping tea. Only reason oda drew to have nostalgia.
Current Zoro is not no diffing or low diffing any CP0 member. :stop:

What the fuck is with Luffybros overwanking Zoro lately? Saying he can beat Lucci easily (when Lucci fought Zoro's boss G5), and then saying he can beat Kaku easily. What the fuck is all this? :nicagesmile:
Zoro post ts is a delight

Zoro one shot Pacifista
One shot best swordsman on weed of Fishman island
One shot Monet
Made Fuji back down
40 yo Pica whose haki is greater than Vergo gets rekt
Killer send back to asylum
Apoo got one shot
Bm ptsd
Kaido wanted Zoro
King brad pitt wasted

Kaku to go back to Zoo

Meanwhile Sanji
Sanji attacked Jinbei kid who's 1/3rd as powerful as the real one
Within one sec, Jinbei kid proceeded to attack Robin
Doesn’t change the fact that Kaku still ran and was scared to fight them 😭 imagjne if the same unnamed base kick Sanji bruised kid jinbe with and sent him flying, hit kaku
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