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Luffy vs Saturn
Zoro vs Kizaru
I hope so, knowing Loda probably we are moving very soon from this arc...
We know for sure that CP0 and seraphin aint fighting Luffy/Zoro in the next chapter.

Both had a warm up so fighting someone that represent a real treath to this monsters is a good development. Let see, Loda could always use different plots to avoid a fight.
Vs. Marines and vs. WG dont have to be the same arc necessarily.

New Marineford is considered the main defense of Mariejois. They could go there and defeat the Marines, then recover and assault Mariejois. It does not all have to happen at once.
Or they will split up into two groups

1 les by Sabo the other by Dragon

Sabos group handles the Marines/Admirals mainly

Dragons group id entirely focused on taking down the Gorosei and Im
Wait. Assuming they're all near each other, Sanji not trying to save Lilith the lady over Edison is strange. I need to see the RAWs for positioning or that's wtf.
i think sanji just saw the future and knew zoro would protect lilith

even though zoro thought lilith was suspicious

zoro and sanji's dynamic is just th best, there is no competition
Why Admiralbros saying that Aramaki is negs PrimeBeard?
What did I miss?
3 of them had their chances against "Sick Old Dying Having Heart Attacks Every 10 minutes Hakiless Already Injured By His Own Team Mate" Whitebeard and they couldn't do it lol
Now they're creating a scenario where Aramaki, who ran away from Shanks cock who was hundreds of km away from him, somehow defeated what would be the equivalent of a dude stronger than prime Shanks :kobeha:
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