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1074 Mark 3
-title refers to the 50 units of new pacifistas released by Sentomaru to help the gang escape
-Luffy and Zoro stay behind while everyone else search for Vegapunk
-Bonney is in some sort of memory world, she sees young Kuma being abused
-Vivi is with Morgans and Wapol. Morgans wants to write an article about how the Strawhats “kidnap” Vegapunk.
Acording to Scotch :

- Wapol saw something but he is afraid to talk about it (we don't know what happen exactly but he seems afraid) Maybe he's afraid to talk about something he witnessed

- We don't see the traitor in this chapter but he will do something again after what he did in Chapter 1071 (when he turned of the protection of the doom) (btw it's not known if the traitor is a he or a she lol)

I translated it from Arabic from Scotch's server ^^
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