Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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The first time big mom used ikoku she cut King Baum with it. You seriously need to stop coping . Shanks is a swordsman . He’s using adv Coc on his blade and swing it just like zoro . There’s no mystery here
Ikoku, hakoku, or hakai aren't cutting attacks. There just a wave of pure force

Like a bullet pierces through things but you would call it a cut or slash. Its still considered blunt force
Skilled swordman can choose what their sword cuts and what it doesn't

I dont believe shanks or roger were holding back against kid or oden. Them going out their way to not cut them doesn't make sense imo
Devine departure might just be a blunt attack like a shock wave
This shit don't make sense bro

If Shanks' attacks do blunt damage then there's zero, and I mean absolutely zero, point in using the sword to carry them out

Bro could just wave his damn arm and accomplish the same shit
It's no surprise Shanks's offense shits on the likes of Big Mom or even Kaido for that matter. Shanks is an offense-centric fighter while Kaido and Big Mom are more defensive types. Shanks's offense is much better than the Rocks duo just like how their defensive prowess like endurance, durability, etc, shits on that of Shanks. With that being said, it's obvious Shanks is stronger than Big Mom, but this chapter isn't enough to put him over Kaido, period. Kaido's still number 1.
Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Shanks offense shits on Kaido's when Kaido has one shot comparable characters physically in just base form lol...but w.e, just typical recency bias.
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