Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Kid went out how he always operated. Going in fearless and brash and while that lead to some great successes, it also lead to great loss and this is easily the most devastating defeat he's suffered. Seeing more of Damned Punk was nice and it obliterating Shanks' fleet is expected, it has some good range and power, I only wish we got to see Killer against one of Shanks' top 3 and Kid duke it out with Shanks a bit prior to this termination of the fight. That was a glorious display of might and overwhelming power on Shanks' part and Dorry and Broggy finishing off the remnants of the crew was brutal. That's the best way to describe this massacre, brutal. Kid was defeated in one feel swoop, Killer went out assisting him and the rest of the crew remained as useless as usual. I'm a Kid fan and I think Killer was quite neat as well but this was bound to happen, I just didn't think Kid's dream would be snuffed out so swiftly. Shanks is a top contender for Pirate King, he simply removed another candidate from the race whilst making clear the difference between them.


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Maybe you right but not forgot oda don’t care about messes on timeline look shanks stopped kaido in new world and few hours later stopped the MF war.
At tha time much people theorized roo having the teleportation DF
Yeah but kaido was moving towards MF anyway so shanks stopping him and then coming to MF somehow makes sense even if it doesn't explain how he reached MF within a day

But here we have Amit issue - Garp.

bB crew is scattered and Garp is heading to save Coby. So, Garp vs BB is likely to happen.

So, BB now comon to egghead out of the blue doesn't add up. Not to mention, BB doesn't need to confront Luffy anymore atleast for now as law has all the PGs BB want.
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