El CLASICO TIME, who is gonna win? Barcelona or Real Madrid?

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My own translation if that makes a difference for anyone.

from @ScotchInformer discord server:
Chapter 1080 "The Legendary Hero"
- All of the events are in Pirates Island
- Sword vs BB pirates
- BBP in PI are: Shiryu, Vasco Shot, Pizaru Wolf
- Sword's Hebari, Prince and Kojaku (Tsuru granddaughter)
- The bounty on Kobi's head is 500 million for his popularity
- Perona is on the island to rescue Moria
- we get to see a short flashback BBP kidnapped Koby to negotiate with WG to make the PI oficcialy under his name, Kuzan told him that Sword can't be negotiated with
- Hibari is a skilled sniper and uses a weapon made by Vegapunk, Prince has the Mud DF,
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