One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

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Jesus, you can't even read simple panels of Imu transforming? No wonder you are a swordswallower, it's now obvious you can't read basic ass panels
lol what does me being a zoro fan have to do with this dam chapter????
the blonde gorosei notices sabo first its not crazy to think that he protects imu and thats him and the rest of the gorosei in the panel it seems weird oda would put 4 gorosei and imu in a panel lol all i am saying is it makes sense if thats all 5 gorosei and one went and protected imu.
uhh maybe how are you so sure ???
one gorosei is missing if thats imu on the stair case it kind of makes sense that one of them protected him and thats all 5 gorosei in the panel and in the next panel imu sinister eyes overwatching them
The blonde guy is getting up, you can see the white line between Saturn and Gandhi and he's literally between them in the next panel.
This arc has been absolutely nuts the last 7-9 chapters and you don't even miss the Strawhat.

One of the biggest lore drop chapters in the entire series holy shit

Ace calling Sabo, SaDbo LMAO 🤣🤣 had me bawling

Imu might have had the immortality surgery in the past? He has to have a Paramecia DF right that's the only way Sabo could bleed

Who had Wapol rescuing Vivi on their 2023 calendar I sure didn't
I think the first guy in first panel is the second shadow from the left, in the panel with the giant eyes in the background. The eyes in the background are Imu.
i agree all i am saying is in the panel with sabo standing over cobra thats possibly all 5 gorosei and one went and protected imu @kurwa seems to think i am some sword swallowing zoro tard who can't read a panel and that is imu standing on the stairs