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Gorosei Informer

This guy in a barrel. He just snuck back on while they were away, LOL

To think of it how many logia vs logia fights are there? I can only think of Akainu vs Aokiji which was offscreen ofc and Crocodile attacking Akainu too?

Id love to see logia users fighting each other, especially if they dont have or use haki for some reason.

Oh wait Ace vs Akainu and also Kuzan too ofc.

Imagine Kizaru vs Caribou? That would be interesting lmao. If Oda doesn't ironically troll us and just have Kizaru actually using haki to stomp Caribou instantly like Pekoms did.
And Sanji vs Kaku? 😆😆
Lucci and kaku do ironically fit the zoro sanji trope of zoro fighting the serious one and sanji the fun one
Originally during enies lobby zoro was supposed to fight jabra and sanji kaku

In real early concept of enies lobby kaku was originally planned to be a fight for sanji. Meaning jabra was more likely than not supposed to be zoro's fight

Sanji vs kaku making sense because like alot of sanji's opponents kaku is one of the more silly members of the group. Both in personality and design.
Along with original just not being a swordsman and mainly specializing in his kicks which he still kinda does tbh

Zoro vs jabra making sense because he was supposed to be one the more serious sides of things like alot of zoro's opponent's. His design being more typically seen as badass in comparison to kaku.
On top of that he also shares parallels to lucci aka luffy's fight like alot of zoro opponents also do. Jabra being a carnivorous zoan and leading his own group of cp9. If he fought zoro he would have definitely been made a swordsman
One Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed an early concept of the CP9 and their fight match-ups with the Straw Hat Pirates. Originally, the match-ups were supposed to be:

  • Lucci vs. Luffy
  • Kalifa vs. Robin
  • Fukurou vs. Nami
  • Kaku vs. Sanji
  • Shakiin (Jabra) vs. Zoro
  • Apollo (Kumadori) vs. Chopper
  • Blueno vs. Usopp
Low key kinda sad oda didn't go with original plan
  1. Robin getting a fight would have been hella dope
  2. Nami fighting a man would have been cool
  3. Sanji vs kaku always seemed pretty hype pre enies lobby
  4. Usopp getting a fight would be fun too
again, I don't see what confirms for you that Kizaru won't encounter Luffy, if they are all on the dome.

Can you elaborate why Luffy won't encounter Kizaru?
Zoro vs 30K + 9 Vice Admirals + 4 Seraphim
Then Zoro will fight Kizaru
Luffy will fight Saturn

Sanji and other straw hats will hold back one remaining seraphim but can't beat him because they lack Attack Power

Please Oda 🫤
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