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The fact people thought kizaru just join the Marines just for murder and don't care for anybody lol
I mean it's funny since no more than a few days ago the entire AssmiraL fandom was calling Kizaru a psychopath to cope with the fact that he literally admitted he's the Gorosei's bitch, now suddenly it's the opposite and Kizaru's actually a super nice guy who would never use more than 1% of his power against his nakama!!!!!
Everybody here knows Kizaru will show up next chapter with a bloody Sentomaru.
Lucci was using his strongest form when he attacked Sentomaru. Kizaru is hardly trying atm. Not a fair comparison.:kaidowhat:
Whether it's strongest form or not, it doesn't nullify the fact that Kizaru signature move "Light speed kick" is being blocked while it got overpowered by Lucci regular claw attack ....
Take that as you will.
About time y'all start respecting Gucci.

He already embarrassed Nika, the fact that it takes him one upping Kizaru to finally get it across y'all heads, he is that dude.
How did he embarrass Luffy again?
Getting clowned with 3 base moves while landing no hit is apparently "embarrassing Luffy"

First : Akainu defeated WB
Now : Lucci embarrassed Luffy
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