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I hate some of my fandoms and generally don’t communicate with anyone there, but I obsessed on those mangas (but I hate them) even more than on those where I am active
Yeah you are right.
There are so many manga that I am obsessed with but never interacted to single person in that manga fandom.
My favourite manga is Yugami-kun.
I have never met single one in internet who reads it...
But I am obsessed

Although what keep me reading one piece manga is fandom..lol
Lucci vs Doffy is interesting

Lucci is super fast, lethal, has flight, has range, and has zoan recovery.

He has everything he needs to take Doffy on.
Kaku > Lucci
He's more durable and tanked Zoros CoA Haki that made Kaido scream in pain

He's a better prodigy and learned awakening in 1/5th the time as Lucci

Became an adequate CoA user at much younger age than Lucci

Made it to CP0 much faster than Lucci

He's got better fighting style as well
That Zoro attack that Kaku tanked would split Doffys bitch ass into two pieces
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