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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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It is ACOC, Oda literally drew Luffy using COA 10 chapters before

Kizaru ain't even using hardening so sparks don't come from a clash
You do know that Kaido did not use hardening his whole fight vs luffy but we still saw stuff like what happen there with Kizaru .
People should simple admit that haki is power where Oda does fuck how he wants and don't care about the details and thing would be much better .
I can already see the debate for the next 2 weeks
fans coping whether its coc or not
because they cant believe its been blocked by gasp a non coc user.
I could understand the debate but when you look at Luffy's fight against the seraphim Oda been careful to not draw any spark. When BM punched Law there was no sparks either
IMO Oda for confirmed advCOC user Oda makes the distinction clear so readers don't ask everytime. It's just that people are kinda in denial after all the coc wank lol.
I don’t care enough to ever really debate whether or not something is armament or conquerors but yes conquerors attacks can touch

All conquerors infusion is is just infusing it with your armament. So whether it’s the user knows basic armament, barrier, penetrative, etc all they’re doing it is enhancing its power with conquerors
This forum is funny
With the wank one would think kizaru low diff kaido when that kick wasn’t even comparable to any of luffy attack on the roof top

watch them wank kizaru to top 1 now
The same people that will use headcanon and be creating new stupid threads

it’s why we have ftl luffy and small planet luffy
When the verse strongest has only shown multi island

using a coa infused kick that any top tier can block to wank kizaru to top 1
Brain dead
Also the same reason why some people will say shanks is stronger than kaido forgetting that even in the verse kaido was referred to the strongest pirate alive

In all I blame oda for his asspull fights and lack of good power structure causing more headcanon feats than actual feats

naruto , bleach, jjk even mha and black clover… you would never have any of these fan base second guessing the power structure that has been put there

imaging noelle dodging Lucius low end attack and everybody starts saying Noelle low diffs lucifero

that’s how you all sound
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