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Why did Saturn transform?

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He isn’t
Luffy’s current state is nowhere near as bad as to the state he was in when he went out of g5 against kaido

And no he hasn’t
He hasn’t used used his g2 or snakeman equivalent attacks when it comes to speed, hasn’t been spamming advanced haki like he did against kaido not using no touch, he used his giant form once to throw kizaru, and used 1 muscle boosted attack that has kizaru down for now

Do you unironically think luffy is weaker than unawakened kizaru?
Zenzu is being dishonest

In his mind Luffy used adcoc , fs and adcoc with g4 and failed
Apparently g5 was using adhaki yet the only time he uses it, kizaru is sent flying

Kizaru is here exhausted but he thinks luffy was going all out
He's a troll
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