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Who won kitty bowl? (Losers get threadbanned)

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no it's not.

no they're not.

They'll escape together. Splitting them up again is retarded. they spent the majority of post time skip split apart.

Grandfleet can do that.

So was Kuzan. Think he's coming too?

Saul is a wanted dude. He's in hiding. He isn't gonna sail outside elbaf looking for trouble.

Is the first option.

We were promised a "Huge incident". Manga is getting closer to ending. If they don't do shit now, there won't be any time for them to do any shit later.

If they read the papers "Starwhat goofy under siege in egghead" and don't come, might as well disband the fleet cause what's the fucking point?

vivre card burning up in wano is one thing. But them seeing the egghead siege news a whole day ago and not doing shit completely erases any purpose they had or will have.
If they can make it from all around the grand line to egghead at the exact same time on one day, sure. But that’s a major coincidence.

And how do you know the major incident isn’t the final war or war against Blackbeard? A place where Luffy will actually need a shit ton of fodder.

Saul is the first option cause he’s actually connected to the arc and reintroduced at the beginning of the arc.
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