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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Even if they beat him it wouldn’t matter since Zoro + Sanji can beat BM (if Sanji could hit women) imo
They beat BM with what?
None od them have island level attack , eben if they do...that still won't kO BM
They lack any stamina or endurance to outlast BM
They also have no ability to counter or stop Homies in a way
Enma literally has an ability that enhances AP. They may be same rank but that extra ability makes it a PU because Zoro's attacks get stronger. Otherwise giving him that sword is useless to begin with.

Zoro had no idea what aCoC even was.
Yeah, like I said, it's the ACoC itself that was the boost.

But unblackened Enma = blackened Shusui in rank. Same tier of sword. Only when Zoro blackens it, it will be an upgrade over Shusui.
Why are the Zoro haters making it seem like Rob Lucci is a scrub lol?

My only criticism of the Zoro fanboys is they were trying to hype King over Lucci, with 0 evidence of that.
Lucci is just a collateral victim

Now they need to hype Lucci over Kizaru now. I think it's a sort of last stand that they're trying.
Oda just wants to put some respect on sanji, they can't
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