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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Im still feeling numb honestly, I havent cried at all ever since it happened and I feel like something is wrong with me. But I chalk it up to shock. May I just dont want to believe it happened. My Dad will go back to Morroco for the funerals. But I cant because of work. Ill visit during summer I think.

Its still hard on all of us because he and his wife had their lives ahead of them and they were both my friends since I was a kid but I keep myself busy so I didnt have the time to fully process things.
Take all the time you need to process brother. There is no set formula to grieve. You will do it in your own time when you ready.
Just don't forget all the good times you had with them and live for them as they would want.
I don’t think Imu will hurt the BB storyline, imo BB is the rival of Luffy for the One Piece, Imu is the final villain after the One Piece discovery.
Oda built up BB for years, the scene of Jaya with the cherry pie and the soda tell us that Blackbeard is the exact opposite of Luffy and his final rival for the One Piece. Oda can’t go wrong with him, I have high expectations for his story
True as well,kinda fells like Oda is going the Rocks route with BB,Rocks FB probably goves insight on BB as well in some way.
BB pirates has:
- Spy inside the WG
- Global teleport
- 4 seraphins
- Know the location of 2 ancient weapon
- 3 road poneglyph
- Someone to read the poneglyph
- Garp
you forgot a couple of points
2 DF‘s
A crew full of powerful DF‘s
1 former Admiral with intel about the Marines and WG.

damn now that i see this ,BB is such a Gigachad :steef:

most likely devil fruit related stuff
True lineage factor has to do with DF‘s as well .
Zoro bros can celebrate him not wearing a bandana but to pretend any of this even resembles a W is just sad. Remember, Zoro was supposed to off-screen Lucci so that Jinbe finds a defeated body while Zoro got missed all the way to Kizaru.

Just based on the fight being on makes it a huge L.
You are gassing lanji vs kizaru
You are finished
Luffy one shoted that bum
All yonko would smack that fodder
NO KOH Style. NO AdCoC Haki. NO CoC. NO 3 Sword Style. NO Bandana.

Lmao this is the most blatant no-serious Zoro we've seen in a 1v1, after Monet.

Hell he's even taken Hyouzou more serious than this :milaugh:
worse than Hyozou , Zoro was merciful for the octopus but here he's giving Gear 5th Luffy's equal an asthma attack and just making him a funny object to spend time with :gokulaugh:

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