How long will these 10 minutes take?

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I didn't expect All Gorosei to show up at all
But what i said long ago still stands, Oda is gathering everybody for something "Huge"
And if anyone still thinks SHs gonna Escape Safely, you're Dreaming

Next Arc is Mary Geoise War, Elbaf gonna have to Wait
And these won't be Last of People who join Egghead Party

Egghead was Island of Vegapunk & then SHs Arrived there

01. Bonney Joined
02. Lucci, Kaku & Stussy Joined
03. Kizaru Joined
04. Saturn Joined
05. Kuma Joined
06. Dorry/Brogy Joined
07. Devon & Auger Joined
08. Rest of Gorosei Joined
09. Neo Mads are Coming
10. Bakkin/Marco are Coming
11. Sword Squad are Coming
12. Morgans, Wapol & Vivi are Nearby
13. Law/Bepo are Nearby
14. Red-Hair Pirates are Nearby
... etc

I didn't think Oda would go this far, but it's clear that He is gathering as much Spectators as possible
And this Island is presented as an Egg for a Reason, it's like We should expect it to Hatch (Not literally, but a New Character Introduction)

Stop thinking about who beats who & how this resolves, cuz everytime Villains are one step ahead, Luffy & Co. gain a New Counter, and everytime it looks like SHs can Escape, things get even Worse

This Arc is simply putting Key Characters where They belong in preparation for Final War
And "Final Villain" is gonna be Introduced soon (I expect it to be Chapter 1111)
Ngl strawhats as much as been looking frauds been dominant, even praised by saturn
Will they get humbled by 5 elders? But the problem is not enough time oda wants to finish the story in next 2-2/5 years
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