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I remember when the Sabo vs Gorosei chapter dropped there were theories that they didn't had devil fruits, and instead had something completely new and different. If it was executed well I wouldn't mind seeing that.
I was pretty convinced they were Zoans when that happened but hoping to be wrong about that. It's not that I dislike Zoan DFs, I just don't like the Gorosei all having DF of the same type.

Despite them having DFs though, I do believe there is a strong possibility Roger chose not to have one for a specific purpose.

Agreed. Kaido's dragon fruit to me looks ludicrously more powerful than Saturn's for example. Arguably even the paw fruit
Exactly. You'd think they'd keep at least Kaidou's DF for their own use, maybe give it to one of the knights or whatever. A future Admiral maybe. To think it was just a prize is insane to me.

Maybe. Mythical zoans are basically 2 or more devil fruits combined into one.
This is true. They do get a 2-1 for type deal because their abilities are so versatile.

My complaint is purely about the aesthetic.

Aesthetically, I don't like all 5 of the Gorosei being Zoan DF users.

DF users one and all, fine, but they all have to be freaky yokai? I also hate the pentagram shit, it just clashes for me.

But I also hate Gear 5 and the fact Luffy's DF is a Mythical Zoan. I preferred it when I thought Joy Boy was both a person and a destiny. I suppose he still might, but I don't like the Nika DF thing at all. Don't get me started on the reality bending "toonforce" shit, I do not care for that all, but that's me going off on a tangent.
Lmao how out of touch from reality are Zboys? Most normal readers who don’t spend half their day in worthless powerscaling discussions aren’t gonna remember Venus polishing his sword in the background 10 years ago
The author
Knows who he gives black blades to you idiot . Remove Mihawks nuts from
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Given how most of u guys didn’t even considered the possibility of Sanji meeting Kizaru just for it to end with Sanji making Kizaru look shocked by defying physics while zoro didn’t even see blud speaks for itself tho
Sanji did that due to his strength or due to his DADDY??
Sanji fans have it tough, their choice is either
  • the strongest gorosei BUT it's a lame grounded worm fight
  • an aerial fight they wanted BUT it's 4th strongest Gorosei

It's no 3 or no 4, Sanji is not getting close to no 1 if it's not another case of using Sanji as hype tool.

--- Gap as here would Tellus/Earth be ---

In that order.
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