One Piece Chapter 1110; "THE PLANETS/ STARS DESCEND"

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How would y’all feel about this
Maybe even kizaru beats Saturn before going back to luffy
True. Without any immediate motivators, Zoro would allow himself to struggle against fighters that are competent.
Yeah 100%
It’s just part of his character for better or worse. It being a part of his character is “plot” but that doesn’t make it any less an actual character trait

Like sanji losing to women is “plot” but it’s still a valid part of his character. No real point for people to act like it doesn’t count cause plot or oda
I know zoro “neg diffed” lucci and all that but what if it really does end with zoro and Jinbe tag teaming him like what happened to kaku
Kaku being beat by a swordsman and martial artist and Lucci maybe the same
Ok zorobys you can finally have rest :stealthblack:

zoro after 6 months defeats the YC1 lobelt gucci, so the same feat that he had at onigashima :stealthblack:

now is ready to take down lizaru and the 5 chad elders :stealthblack:
Nusjuro is running on air, he crossed half of the island's coast in one panel. :snoopy:
We have the second faster character of the manga :steef:

can't wait for zoro vs nasjuro
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Here's hoping Lucci stays the fuck down instead of going back up like Apoo
If oda is not drunk gucci is k.o

the most pathetic enemy on eh

he only taked L in the face lmao