One Piece Chapter 1112: " Hard Aspect"

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Some notes while reading the chapter:
Pg 1: Yamato armpit. Anyhow, Kin'nemon is being set to do something. Maybe he'll cut himself in two again

Pg 2: Seems like the Pacifistas were gathered on one side of the island given that V. Nusjuro took them all out before encountering Bonney. Nevertheless, V. Nusjuro is insane taking them all out like that.

Pg 3: Oimo and Kashii get some focus, but I don't even remember where they were. IIRC last time they were seen (1107), they were pulling their forces around the island, but I guess they left the boat to do battle on land. They're joining the Water 7 Straw Hats (sans Robin), Lucci, Kaku, and Doberman as 2-time Buster Call participants. The Marines have also limited their targets and will be focusing on the Straw Hats and Giants. The full force of the marines will start coming down on them.

Pg 4: About those Marine forces... RIP to Red King, thought he was gonna do better. Maybe he would've done better had he been a bit faster. His steam arm is still interesting. Maybe it goes to show how much better Franky's technology is than non-Vegapunk Marine equipment

Pg 5: Bonney gets her best feat thus far by taking out a Vice Admiral, though Pomsky had already gotten injured by Kuma back in 1103. Really nice how she's firmly standing against the Marine stance that her father is a weapon.

Pg 6: Vegapunk likens his tongue to a cat's. There's been a few comparisons of Vegapunk to a cat (see 1100) so maybe there's greater meaning to this? The framing with Mars is strange. It seems that he did enter the lab without exiting his demon form, yet that form is probably too big to navigate within the confines there. With how amorphous the Gorosei demon forms were portrayed before, perhaps they can alter their sizes freely? Mars also has the ability to shoot a concentrated blast. The PAWG is also untied...

Pg 7: More explanation of the lab rooms, which could be useful for anyone trying to figure out what happened on Egghead between 1080 and 1089. Mars' comment about vaporization implies that his blasts are heat-based, though it could be nuclear or electrical. Yorke is still being kept alive, but only for her knowledge.

Pg 8: Yorke is wielding some weapon, so she might do a number of things later on. She could try and stop the Straw Hats, Stussy, or free the Seraphim. Mars also has incredible observation haki, noticing a measly snail in Punk Records. Yorke is aware of the new broadcast snails, yet it seems she was excluded from knowing their true purpose as a dead man's switch.

Pg 9: Finally Stussy is back! Kaku is also still bubbled. Mars did not care for Lucci's request to save his friend. Interestingly, Lucci immediately knew that the Itsumade was a Gorosei, yet Kaku and Stussy had to base that off of intuition after Mars had left. Is it possible that Lucci has already seen the true forms of the Gorosei? Stussy is staying behind to lift the barrier, so she's got death flags all over her. Kaku's fate is still uncertain. Lucci might pick him up and endure the Buster Call, like an inversion of the Enies Lobby aftermath.

Pg 10: Nami wants to let Stussy tag along but that probably won't be happening, as the barrier can only be disengaged from the control room. Also, Robin finally gets to say something that isn't grumbling for the first time since 1090!

Pg 11: Usopp knows what's up. He's willing to ignore the calculations this time and rely on the magic of friendship. What's Edison's endgame here? He probably isn't dead, but why is he rushing towards the surface? Does it have to do with the Iron Giant?

Pg 12-13: Ju Peter's worm form has recovered, so all the Gorosei forms likely have similar regenerative capabilities. Ju Peter also has incredible suction abilities, possibly based on Jupiter's strong gravity or powerful winds.

Pg 14-15: Luffy is finally out of Gear 5, and for the first time, we've gotta see him continue to fight without it. Enough energy is enough to get him back to normal this time, but he can't sustain Gear 5. Such a throwback to see Gear 3 get a bit of action. Though Red Rock's strength couldn't match up to the heat of the flames enveloping Warcury.

Pg 16: Warcury isn't only fiery, but incredibly durable. Though it could be a case where blunt force isn't the right choice. Saturn has also managed to bypass the barrier and is going to intercept the Straw Hats. Brook, Nami, Chopper and Usopp are all there, Jinbe and a tired Zoro are elsewhere.

Pg 17: The lack of appearances implies that Vice Admiral Guillotine was taken out offscreen. Bonney is carrying a stick or staff which she wasn't earlier. I feel really bad for the Giant that carried Kuma who got slashed by V. Nusjuro. Maybe he'll get named in an SBS. V. Nusjuro looks sick as hell. Finally, we get to see inside Punk Records. It has an entrance somewhere, and we can only gather that the interior is a huge empty space. Quite interesting that Mars is back to his human form. His comment about fortune is also reminiscent of fate. There's only one minute left, and anything could happen at this point.
Momonga and Onigumo are great but I don't know if they're that much stronger than Red King tbh.

Yeah Tsuru is underrated. Her and Garp are carrying VA position right now. Hopefully Zodiac Vice Admirals will deliver.

Nothing is impossible for GOAT.:fransuper::fransuper:
Don't expect too much of the zodiac vice admirals since they're originally fan creations. Don't downplay Momonga though. He's the commander of old Marineford, and has that dawg in em cause he killed a Sea King from the inside
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No surprise that he's gotta step in for a Marine force composed of no good dogs