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What did Mars see?

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Warcury having insane skin is pretty neat.
Depends if Luffy used adv CoC or not, Red Roc made Kaido scream in pain and fall down pretty bad.
Red Roc is one of Luffy main moves, if he used adv CoC in combo and didn´t do any shit, yeah Warcury Durability is clearly above Kaido one. Since even with basic adv CoC moves, Luffy could easily hurt Kaido in drunken mode, red roc is his big move...

Yonkou Luffy hurting his fist and getting hurt by just attacking Warcury is wild.
So far Warcury,Mars and Nasujuro are insane so far.
Man, Oda and durability, he really does struggle with keeping durability and Haki narratively consistent.
Clown, Hybrid Kaido was dodging fucking Red Hawk, a move even weaker than Red Roc lol
Zoan kaido tanked okg line none much

If you think all those low tier moves hurting him is whatever

Let us see Topman tank adcoc g4/g5 moves

You're still coping that one day kaido will be inferior to Shanks or anyone else bar imu and Teach

Kizaru, Saturn... your agenda didn't work
Now It's Topman
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