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What did Mars see?

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So there is a bubble popping noise that Mars hears when he goes to destroy the Den Den Mushi?

Could this possibly be a hidden experiment of Vegapunks, along the lines of a secret Seraphim or something of that nature? It's obvious that if he went through all the trouble of making this video in case of his death, he would have a contingency plan in play in the event that someone finds the hidden Den Den Mushi. Have something there to protect it, so the message gets played no matter what. So the question is, what could be protecting the Den Den Mushi, that Vegapunk has faith will succeed?


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Just a person who knows how to identify bullshit when i see it, oda has been stalling this shit for way too long and used toriyama's death as an excuse to keep blueballing the fans.

"He took the 3 weeks break to mourn for the guy" hahahahahahahahah, no wonder so many people get finissed everyday.
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