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What did Mars see?

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Lol how is Zoro too low? He isn’t above any Admirals, old legends, or Ben. Sabo arguably has Yonko level portrayal at this point but just lacks the feats. Shiryu has to be above him. The only debatable one is Yamato
Zoro is above admiral accept it or not.
Zoro hard counters Sabo , Stronger Haki and Fire cutting hax.
Shiryu Neccesarily doesn't have to be Power battle instead Hax/Sneak battle.


World's Strongest Swordsman
1. Imu
2. Shanks
3. Mercury
4. Venus
5. Mars
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn
8. Dragon
9. Sakazuki
10. Mihawk
11. Blackbeard
12. Luffy
13. Kizaru
14. Aokiji
15. Garp
16. Ben Beckman
17. Fujitora
18. Ryokugyu
19. Rayleigh
20. Sengoku
21. Sabo
22. Shiryu
23. Yamato
24. Zoro
25. Law
26. Kid
27. Lucky Roo
28. Magellan
29. Marco
30. Sanji
Lmfao mihawk > Shanks no matter how much you cry
I think the ranking is probably
  1. Warcury
  2. Nusjuro
  3. Mars
  4. Ju Peter
  5. Saturn
The actual numbering of the gorosei on their summon circle isn’t relevant imo. The portrayal is clear.

Saturn and Ju Peter are consistently portrayed as jobbers, even if they ultimately do regenerate.

Warcury showed impressive CoC feats and his durability is higher than Kaido’s. He hasn’t even needed to use regen yet.

Nusjuro and Mars went off on their own missions instead of fighting Luffy with the rest.
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