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What did Mars see?

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Yea that simply has more haki in it.
Not an entirely new level lmao
What's the point of this
Are you saying he has ACoA or just good Armament
Edged mochi is more than him increasing his output like luffy

Im saying again his hardening is stronger when using edged mochi compared to his basic hardening. Similar to Jinbe’s shark skin hardening being stronger than his basic hardening
Both have a higher than average mastery over basic armament.
and who exactly says the gorosei are the " big fights " especially when there are 5 of them ?
it reminds me more of the grand priests rather than calamities
I'm not trying to convince you im just stating a fact, if u don't believe it just wait i know that it's gonna happen.
Franky one shotting a VA with a lonely strong arm ……
I can’t cope with how Oda portrayed the VA
Tbf Barto was able to fodderize one in Maynard. Characters like bastille momonga and there group are probably around vet level

We know with the draft the marines are stronger than ever so thanks to akainu they probably got some high to maybe even top tier level vice admirals now
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