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What did Mars see?

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CoC: Color of Clowns

A Cow Man? Udderly Ridiculous
But that theory still lives. Kong and Sakazuki are cooking up the greatest coup ever.
You all just aren't ready.
I 100% believe that Imu and the WG use islands like Ohara as examples to the Marines of what will happen to their own islands if they don't follow orders.

Guys like Kizaru know if they go against the WG, it won't just be them, or their family that suffers, but their entire home islands.

Think about what the WG was willing to do to some rogue scholars. Imagine if Kizaru was caught studying the Ancient History? His entire home island would probably be erased. That's how the WG controls Marines, by threatening their families.

The WG is more or less holding every Marine family hostage, as well as the home islands of the highest ranking Marine officials.

No wonder the Marines love Garp for standing up to the World Nobles.
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