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What did Mars see?

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I do agree with you that Kubo retconned what hell was in the first place, now he made it a place where all souls with high enough spiritual pressure will end up going regardless of their evil deeds or not, it kinda of makes it that hell is the true afterlife and if you become strong you will b stuck there for eternity
exactly this is retcon, also with Hell concept there should be even lower concept, case the only explanation that believers have is: all hollows go to hell, so what if you die in hell? LOL This makes zero sence.

Shinigami hunted Hollows to purify them and let reborn in Soul Society, while if soul dies in SS then it will reborn in human world.


I will never forgive Oda
Hollows are demons.
No they aren't, they're based on Hungry Ghosts.
When hollow dies it's over
Probably not. We only know zanpakuto cleanses Hollows & Quincy reishi perma kills them. Any other death probably leads to naturally born Hollows (such as Ulquiorra) down the road, as all of Hueco Mundo is made up of a dead hollow's corpse.
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