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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Mihawk/Hancock cute and beautiful couple. They should become a canon.
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no Oda didnt hate Usopp, he only hates zolo and zolotards :D from the beginning of this arc until now, zolo just doing shit
Oda is arrogant towards all women, he clearly has some kind of trauma. He hates Tashigi the most.
I don't think he hates Zoro. I think he always didn't give a damn about this character. He just understands what the s shounen fanbase needs.
So Motherflame introduced lately is a big plot...
Whatever said, Gorosei seem incompetent.

When VP was working with them, why not asking then the Plan ???
If Traitor within VPs, why didnt she make a copy of plan asap ???

And now of course , Gorosei cant do shit and just stand watching VP dumb message.

But it cant even be compared to Failure of killing Luffy before awakening.

And what a reveal that will shock the world "the world sink", Loda is a click bait
We must understand that the author's love and hate are not the same as the reader's love or hate. For example, Oda's special attitude towards Nami has played against her in recent years. It is better when the author is motivated by the personality of the character, and not just loves him or hates him as a person.
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Time is lost. Hopelessly missed. Oda created this situation himself. Even if Nami single-handedly saves the whole world, these assholes will never respect her anymore. Oda was stalling too much, not realizing that time was going differently for the reader. He had trapped himself. Now he can only make cosmetic repairs.
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