Kidd greatness this chapter?

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It's really weird that the islands are supposed to be leftover pieces of the continents. If that's true, why didn't any fishmen write stories about it? You'd think they would know.

And it's also weird that we didn't get any hints about it when the Straw Hats were traveling to Fishman Island.
Somehow all these submarines (like Law's) didn't see them either.
Neither did the random pirates, fishermen etc who would've surely swimmed a couple of 100m under the sea

Peak Loda
they should be EOS fights, but I don't think Coby or Law will fight them, instead it should be Yamato, Momo & maybe Sabu
Coby and Law are for more important characters than Yamato and Momo I don’t see why Yamato or Momo should be in the fights compared to the future of the marines when there’s a gorosei who’s the god of justice and Law who’s a D who’s entire story arc is about being the enemy of the gods.
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