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How is kinemon most important? Denjiro is the one who solved Yasu message and changed area saving everyone. He also just released the people from the capital adding another 1000 forces. Make semse bro.
Kin is legit the most highlighted not even counting overall in the story
All the scabbards (denjiro and ashura included) and orochi himself has highlighted his impact and leadership
oda making all three equal will be bs .
people are so quick to forget how much the community gutted luffy after beating katakuri suggesting he wasnt stronger than cracker, katakuri or even doffy after their fight ended. Then he grew while law did what?
clashed with hawkins
and now off a boat panel they are equal
what a can of bs.
We dont know what law did lol... Clashing with Hawkins obviously wasn't the extent of his power he won. On top of u already not knowing how strong Hawkins actual is.
yall want to see feats until it comes to your fav , then you disregard it all together. law went all out against doffy. thinking he didnt is classic denial.
No whats denial looking at DR arc, seeing the below. Then being special enough to think Law somehow wasn't affected at all. Nobody claims he did try his hardest, the claims always been hes heavily weakened.
Laws intentions are to stall for enough time for the Shs. Him using shambles mobility, was the method used to extend the fight. That in of itself draining, on top of all the other shit oda showed. Its also literally described as a Vs type event.

The fights offpanled mostly, but Oda specifically showcased multiple encounters with them.

Oda also Implying he dealt with more off panel. In the 2 panels below u see the area cut up, an full of meteors. With fuji seemly being the one to have captured him.

all this isnt moot. Its the actual canon. Laws heavily fatigued as shown, an portrayed by Oda. No real way around that.

oda directly ties Law stamina to his df usage heading into the doffy fight. As shown above doffy/fuji efforts. Forces law to exert himself to the point, Doffy comment in surprise. On laws ability to still use it. With that implication an the strength difference, between law an Doffy/fuji. It has plenty of evidence.

Btw anyone else remember when Kanjuro was originally supposed to have Denjiro’s design? I wonder if Oda originally intended for Denjiro to be introduced in Dressrosa (with him and Kanjuro’s names being swapped), but Oda wanted us to feel more attached to the traitor, so he introduced Kanjuro early on instead of in Wano
That's actually a brilliant idea. I think that might have been the case.
Hmm not really, Yasuie tried to change the plan but Kinnemon misunderstood it. Which indirectly led to the reveal of the traitor, Denjiro even says that Kin changed Yasuie's message on purpose but Kinnemon says he was just mistaken by it.
Yes Denjiro figured out the message while Kinemon couldn't. Denjiro shows in the past literally schooling scabbards in a classroom. Stop comparing Kinemon to him.
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