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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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I will never forgive Oda
luffy's haki grew by training after two years and in udon too
Proof? Oh right you got none, gj bb as always you just fart things out of your mouth. Luffy learned the basics of haki as he litteraly said post skip and then developped G4, his fruit. He trained his fruit. not his haki. As for udon where is your proof that he trained his haki? He learned a new application of it, not increased his overall haki.

MD Zolo

My interpretation: Page1 didn't stand a chance against Luffy. Ulti's headbutt really did hurt Luffy and Ulti got Luffy pinned down. But Yamato launched a sneak attack on Ulti, knocking her out.

So, for me, Ulti was hyped a lot in this chapter. Yamato is impressive but again, as far as I understand it, it was a sneak attack from Yamato.
Bruh you must reread Water 7 again, the strawhats always get their plot induced "struggle" in the middle of the arc. Just hold off your verdict a little longer and you will shit getting wild.
Enies lobby was different in that the Strawhats had no strong allies on their side who could combat those strong people. Look at Dressrosa and Punk Hazard for example, where allies actually defeat some of the top antagonists in the arc. This is a war, typically arc outlines may not apply here.
Luffy said himself he'll get tougher in Udon and he's been training his CoA in general. To assume it's at the very same level as before is weird, cause he's literally in a situation for it to improve.
Luffy gained a tougher base form, thats what he did. He trained his coa to learn this application, not increasing the power/volume of it( those are just your assumptions and goes against what rayleigh( a haki master) said.
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