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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Says the guy with a photo of an admiral who simps over Nami and asks her for a one-night stand LMAO
I don't hate simps, Jiraiya is one of my favourite characters in Naruto. I hate when being a simp is the only thing that a character represents. Sanji's character for the entirety of Wano so far, barring the fight with Page One, has been gags and perversion. It's repulsive and annoying.


Enough of trolling.
Base Luffy even if he uses g3, it won't make him break out of Ulti grio

He needs to grow bigger to have Ulti grip loosen up since Luffy body will be 4x bigger and stronger.
Same thing with Doffy's parasite

@Sentinel @playa4321

:suresure:do you remember "Doffy is above Commanders coz he restrained Jozu? Luffy showed he was above YC1 by breaking out"
I guess Ulti is above Commanders too since Luffy needs g4 to snap out...

The only argument Doffy fanboys are left with is gk.
Parasite, Awakening aren't working anymore.

Parasite won't even work on flyers, let alone calamities and SCs. Anyone who can grow his body size, breaks out easily.
Interesting, so we have now 3 groups inside Onigashima mansion, with Luffy+Yamato running somewhere, Zoro (it look like he is proceeding straight forward ), kid+killer (?)

Nami+carrot role is strange, I mean they plan to safe Momosuke and yet they got Big Mom behind. I dont see Nami saving Momosuke when there are so many headliners around + Queen. Something ll stop Big Mom, maybe Marco with the other Mink+nekomamushi

Sanji well it look like he still inside the house where Nami is running so we shall see

Jimbe,Robin - we know now that is not Yamato the one following this 2, I believe is Hiyori


Denjiro plot with Sasaki

Law and the rest of the nine scabban who are they facing?

x-Drake plot line?

What about the Yakuza group, where are they?
yall acting like sanji and his girl obsession isnt gonna bring him to his moment this arc lol
like in alabasta came in clutch agsint mr 2
ennis lobby from khalifa to jabra
triller bark his rage was cause of a fruit that can be used to peak at girls
and people are mad oda is doing the same thing again where sanji and his perversion will lead him to his catch this arc
really chief,
yall dont know sanji and his character if u mad at that lmao
I'm a Zoro fanboy but the constant Sanji flaming is so darn cancerous and cringey.

There's no need to belittle characters because of an agenda. We know the agenda surrounds (Sanji vs Zoro).

People saying, "I wouldn't want to be a Sanji fan, Sanji is a simp, He's going after prostitutes to get laid, etc." Just stop.

Plus, his reasoning was so darn hilarious and meant to be lighthearted. You guys are acting as if Sanji does not have the alliance best interest in mind.

We know Oda is setting up Sanji by pulling him away from everyone else so that he can have his own moment. The fact that he has a stealth raid suit will be crucial soon.

Just as Zoro finds himself in the right place because of his lack of direction, and Luffy screws up plans because of his idiocy, so will Sanji with his interest in women. They each have quirks and bad logic sometimes but in the end, they're showing up.
you know what youre right. let people be
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