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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Of course i didn't mean that but luffy went g4 to break free, he doesn't need g4 to overcome her, if luffy needs g4 to beat one of the weakest tobbi ropo how the fuck is he gonna beat kaido?

I’m just saying it speaks a lot about Ulti’s grabbing power and Zoan raw strength

Based on portrayal WsW and Sasaki in Zoan form would crush Luffy

Let alone Calamities like Queen

Brachio Bomber would put Luffy in a 45 year coma
Lol people legitimately think that Luffy, who did not use either advanced CoA or future sight in this chapter again needed Gear 4 to beat Ulti. He was obviously intent on using it to end the fight quickly. He was handling both Page One and Ulti just fine, he speed blitzed both of them, and it was a real speed blitz, not one in which he’s attacking an enemy that isn’t on guard and isn’t paying attention like someone else did (which people way overhype).

Also, another reminder in this chapter for the people that say Sanji is in love with a certain navigating someone that in the middle of their most dangerous mission yet, he left everyone behind to go find prostitutes. Funny, for a few reasons.
Perospero arriving by himself makes me think that both him and Big Mom will be defeated by the end of the arc, I'm still hoping the others will eventually arrive for the battle as well.
I had the same thought. Peros coming is obviously meant for Carrot to avenge Pedro at some point.

The Alliance winning this battle gets even more likely to me
Believe me I get your point

I know your point that "Pervert in shonen series isn't really big deal for you" as long as it's not a character with the background like Sanji...
IS it right? that's what you mean?

Look man, Sanji EVEN AFTER GOING THORUGH bullying from males, and kindness from females as a kid.... Do you remember a scene for him as a kid, when they were ASKING ZEFF to appoint a female chef????

Sanji literally told Zeff: just kick her like you are doing to us!

Now, doesn't that SOUND WEIRD????
for Sanji, who was bullied constantly by males, and only treated kindly by two females in is family to say???

What you all need to understand is.... Sanji's CHIVALRY is NOT angelic unflawed chivalry... If we consider him a human for a second, and NOT a messiah.... we can reflect that on a LOOOT of things in our own life too... for example:

- You would find a VERY RELIGIOUS GUY, who really believe in specific book and every word of it... still committing sins
- you would find professional people in specific areas committing mistakes
- you would find people who VALUE HONESTY, they lie sometimes, some even end up after their lie start, to go extreme and lie more and more

Point is Sanji is NOT actually a PERFECT example of Chivalry... that's what you are mistaken with... Sanji was RAISED by Zeff, not to kick a woman.... and he stuck to that to this day.... HOWEVER, during his childhood, HE ALSO, AS A FREAKING KID, was perverting with heart eyes over women and he was being beaten constantly by Zeff too over it

So, that second habit, HE NEVER LET GO.... however, Zeff instelled the MOST IMPORTANT IRON CLAD rule for Zeff not to actually despises Sanji, which is NOT kicking a woman...

It's an ACT OF CHIVALRY... but it doesn't mean that Sanji is a COMPLETE Chivalry all over... head to toe, eith every action... THAT'S NOT WHO HE IS

He is a character with "SOME" chivalrous attributes.... he's not a caracter who has "ALL THE CHIVALROUS" attributes
You get my point?
I get your point. And I value this interpretation. It's better than what most Sanji fans give me, but I still find it displeasing to read Sanji acting in such a contradictory way because Sanji is extremely idealistic and passionate.

Sanji does not even use his hands to fight, because he is passionate about cooking and they are only for cooking.
Sanji does not hit women even if it means death, because Zeff taught him not to.
Sanji does not go against his word.

But then he does. When he's being a pervert.
He gets extremely angry at Absalom for doing perversive things and harrassing Nami but then... he does very similar things down the line (not the same, but similar). That's contradictory. That goes against his code.
What's the basis for this?

Which YC1 has Post Udon Luffy ever outclassed?
Queen didn't give a shit about Luffy handcuffs or not.

Let Luffy outperform a YC1 and then i agree with u, but so far this is just headcanon
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The truth hurts
Honestly it's just opponents underestimating luffy, crocodile underestimated luffy and got beaten, the same goes to Lucci, moria, doflamingo thought Diamante would handle luffy
Unlike the rest of the strawhats luffy has actually defeated top commander level characters along with getting advanced forms of 2 haki
Even when luffy looks bad it honestly doesn't really matter because we already know for a fact hes way stronger most the time

You can't say the same about the rest whos biggest accomplishments come from betting vet tier characters
So unlike luffy they don't get the same benefit until they prove themselves against legit strong characters
Honestly it's just opponents underestimating luffy, crocodile underestimated luffy and got beaten, the same goes to Lucci, moria, doflamingo thought Diamante would handle luffy
That's true, but it's annoying me how people are pretending as if Luffy ever fought another YC1 after his Udon training for us to gauge how much stronger he has gotten since Katakuri.
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