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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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If Yamato's club attack is similar to Kaido's attack....I wonder how it will stack up against his attack..... Yamato's character introduction really opens up lot of options....

If he is really strong...can he be the main opponent against Big Mom...while Luffy fights against Kaido....
So, let me get this straight.

Ulti actually hurts Luffy’s head a little bit (was using Haki)

And then Yamato turns around and cracks her skull (metaphorically)?

Dayum. This guy is no joke at all. I can’t wait for the power level discussions about him.
Odd thing is the translation says ooh dont hurt me. And leave me alone. Bit weird.

Fallen Prince

I do wonder about this. It's possible Yamato tried escaping 4 years ago and saw him on Mainland Wano. I'm not sure if Ace simply just left Wano after arriving at that village in Kuri but I'm sure we'll see more of that flashback soon.

I think Ace's visit to Wano will definitely tied back int the arc.
It looks like yamato has" family" issues , ulti points out to kaido tobbi roppo dealing with their family matter.

If Ace plot is true then Ace being in wano has something more to it . I am less certain how did Ace meet yamato we know Beast pirates have heavy surveillance in onigashima or there is another way he reached . Ace plot will be seen in very different view so far i have not seen any impact he had so far with him being in wano .
I got some info who might could join the fight
if u guys remember the page of marco in ship with neko there was a shadow guy talking there are 2 options like

1) it could be 100 % scoper gaban

2) shiki the lion itself
I give my money for this!
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