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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 983
Title: Thunder

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I will never forgive Oda
It's also pretty clear that Perospero is the FM that Big Mom direly needs. Dude's powers are versatile and dangerous. Perospero isn't above risking his own life and lying to Mama or charging head first into a war with zero back up.

The Perospero Pirates better propser after Big Mom falls.

Also, Ulti's zoan form doesn't resemble the dinosaur much but her hybrid is cool as fuck.
Really great chapter. It take it long but finally we get a girl who could fight back and beeing kawaii. Ulti was really great in this chapter and the way how Oda portrayal her and the F6, finally I get the tension of danger. Finally a group alongside the top commander who pose a big threat.
Ulti doing it very well and let hope Oda continue with this.

The way how Oda already hype the group was amazing and finally we get feats. Ulti was the last one who I could imaginen to push Luffy to G4.

The way how Oda put the G4 think make it clear for me that Oda want to say with this way that Ulti was really a strong threat. He don't need the whole G4 thing because Yamato was already own his way, the G4 part was just added to hype up Ulti strenght.

And Luffy was insane too, how he blitz both and fight them, you can see that Luffy get far stronger, dealing this way with two Doflamingo lvl opponets(:myman:) was really great. I hope more of these fights, I finally feel the tension.

These Thunder Baguas casually one shotting people.

Did Kaido really make Oden his Son?:milaugh:
I don’t think so Yamato might be just a Oden fanboy.
For now I got him Above all the flying 6 and Jack.
I think that yamato is very much the current Oden. Like him he seems to want to leave Wano but is forbidden to - perhaps even forbidden to leave Onigashima. But it's quite clear that Yamato design is meant to evoke both his father and Oden, stating where he's from and what he's aspiring to.
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