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From redon in Arlong Park Forums.

Korean blog stopped posting spoilers, but it seems this guy (106.101) is the same user that post spoilers in korean blog last weeks. So here the information this user posted today.


Google translation, waiting for a better one :blush:

* Ulti, Paige One is in a spirit and looks better than I thought. Mention the toughness of dinosaur eaters

* Luffy v s Amato. In the midst of being scattered around the Kaido subordinates, Yamato wants to speak from nobody, but Luffy says to finish in 5 seconds. Then Yamato burst into smoke

*Samurai who entered the banquet hall, each submarine is developing.

*Izo meets Kiku

*Luffie starts talking after 5 minutes. Yamato witnessed the execution of Oden and was impressed. Oden wants to continue.

*It is said that the face of Yamato comes out as the mask falls. Rupee sees Ace coming up.

Damju closed
* 울티, 페이지원 정신 차렸고 생각보다 멀쩡. 부하들 공룡 능력자의 터프함 언급

*루피 v s 아마토. 카이도 부하들 주변에 산개된 와중에 야마토는 사람 없는 데서 말하고 싶은데 루피는 5초에 끝내라고 맞섬. 그러다 야마토가 연막 터트림

*연회장에 진입한 사무라이들, 로 잠수함 각각의 상황 전개중

*이조와 키쿠 만남

*루피가 5분 주고 대화 시작. 야마토는 오뎅 처형 목격했었고 감명받음. 오뎅의 유지 잇고 싶어함.

*가면 떨어지면서 야마토 맨얼굴 나온다는데 미형의 여자라 함.. 에이스와 붙어본 적 있음. 루피 보고 에이스 떠오른다고.

담주 휴재

Translation :
- Ulti and Page One came back to their senses and are fine, it's stated by the beasts pirates fodders that Dinosaur df users are very tough and durable.

- Yamato wanted to go and talk to Luffy somewhere where there is no Kaido's subordinates, Luffy said that he can just finish Kaido's fodders in 5secs but Yamato opposed and made a smoke screen.

- The samurais invade the Banquet hall, Law checks how the plan is going from his submarine.

- Izo meets Kiku.

-Luffy gives 5 minutes for Yamato to talk, the latter has said that he witnessed Oden's execution and was impressed, he wants to fulfill Oden's will.

- Yamato's mask fell and we get to see his bare face, she is actually a beautiful woman, she used to hang out with Ace, Yamato watches Luffy and remembers Ace.
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About the last part, imo worth mentioning:
가면 떨어지면서 야마토 맨얼굴 나온다는데 미형의 여자라 함.. 에이스와 붙어본 적 있음. 루피 보고 에이스 떠오른다고
- It doesn't actually explicitly say "Yamato IS a beautiful woman", the wording used here has a small nuance "(said to be) beautiful woman"... dunno if that's the provider opinion or in text said by someone else like Luffy, but i'd rather wait until the image and full speech is out to make sure (could be like Izo or Kiku)
- "Ace and Yamato have hanged out together"... Here again, there could be ten other ways to say more explicitly they had relationship but the word used is a bit ambiguous... (can be used about teammates in sports or sthg)

As usual lets not jump to conclusion too early, original spo provider may, intentionally or not, say "Yamato is a beautiful lady who dated with Ace" whereas it could be "Yamato is a feminine-looking dude who was best bud with Ace"
It seems spoiler provider drew Yamato appearence.
The korean blogger posted that picture and said you will find out when the real pictures come out


야마토대강이래생김. 안믿을갤러는안믿어도좋음. 며칠뒤면어련히알게될거. 원피스즐덕들. ㅂㅂ2” from @106.101
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Yeah, One Piece is on BREAK NEXT WEEK (Issue #32) and back in WSJ Issue #33/34 (Double Issue) with LCP and CP

Here ToC Issue #31 (RAW)

巻頭 ハイキュー(終章超クライマックス!2号連続大増p)カラーも2号連続

センター モリキン(大人気超感謝)
ページ増 アンデラ23p
休載 ワンピ

#33/34 合併号
巻頭表紙 ワンピ

Translation by Talhaearn

Me and Roboco (Cover & LCP)
One Piece
My Hero Academia
Dr. Stone
Shakunetsu no Niraikanai (CP)
Ayakashi Triangle
Doukyuu ** HxEros (Special Chapter, CP)
Magu-chan: God of Destruction
Act-Age (CP)
Jujutsu Kaisen
Black Clover
Time Paradox Ghostwriter
Undead Unluck
Mission: Yozakura Family
Chainsaw Man
We Never Learn
Bone Collection
Mitama Security
Agravity Boys

Issue #32
Cover & LCP: Haikyuu!!
CP: Moriking, Me and Roboco, Dr. Stone
Extended Pages: Undead Unluck, Shakunetsu no Niraikanai
On Break: One Piece

Issue #33-34
Cover and LCP: One Piece
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From redon in Arlong Park Forums.

Little summary of last 2 pictures from chapter with Luffy and Yamato.

- Yamato explains that she witnessed the hour of legend on the day of Oden execution and she became Oden's fan.
- Then she went to Kuri and she managed to find Oden's journal. No one knows about this journal, not even her father.
- Oden journal became his "Bible".
- She said that there is some very important things written in the journal, and that someone has to inherit Oden's will.
- She chose to live as a man to follow Oden, but she's actually Kaido's daughter.
- Yamato: "Please let me fight along with you. You're really strong. You remind me of Ace!"
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Yamato: "20 years ago I saw that legendary hour long execution! " "No other samurai is as great as him! But the ones who killed him were Orochi and my dad, I was so frustrated! But even more than that I felt a burning inside my chest and tears wouldn't stop coming... " "After that the journal of Oden that I picked up in Kuri became my bible."
Luffy: "Huh! Diary?"
Yamato: "My dad doesn't know about this diary! In here everything about his boisterous life and "important things" are written. Now that the scabbards are dead... someone needs to carry on Oden's will!!"
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