Spoiler One Piece Chapter 985 Spoiler Summaries and Images

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You know, it's a pain to translate from my phone xD

I'm not going to translate the full chapter but at least this:

Yamato: For me, that I'm Kouzuki Oden, I kept up with the news thinking that you, who are Ace's young brother might take me on board.

Luffy: You again! Kouzuki Oden was loved by everyone! There is no way it's okay for you to become Oden!!

Yamato: Well maybe you are more Oden than I am!!

Luffy: What does it means that I'm more Oden than you?

Yamato: Even if I'm Oden, I'm not 'free' due to these handcuffs! I wanted to go out to sea with Ace and the others... But I've been confined in this island since I was 8 years old!!

Luffy: Is that what they put on the prisoners?

Yamato: Exactly! It will explode if I leave this island! To be honest, I think that it may be a lie... I mean would a biological father blow up his own child!? But, thinking in the worst case... Makes me freeze... That guy is my father after all!

Luffy: Should I take them off?

Yamato: Eh!?

Luffy: Do you really want to fight with us? I'll beat your father even if it's in front of your eyes you know?

Yamato: Even I would like to do that! How many times have I been beat up by him since my childhood? Every time I challenged him I've got beaten.

Luffy: Okay, I'll take them off

Yamato: Wait, take them off? These things have been stealing my freedom for 20 years...
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