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Will Yamato Chan join the Straw Hats

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RIP Kaido's character.
When I thought that Oda wouldn't shit on Kaido's character further, this chapter happened.

From World Strongest Creature who made his godly debut in front of Kidd-Hawkins-Apoo alliance (I will say it's the best character debut One Piece has until now), into a coward who didn't dare to challenge Lolden openly in 5 years, and took advantage of hostage in the match.

Then, he was portrayed to be good, genuine friend of Orochi. Sitting together, trolling Lolden together, watching his execution together, drinking together etc. Now what happened? Kaido murdered this man after a newborn alliance with crazy hag that can tantrum in daily basis?

Then Kaido was speculated as daughter loving dad. Going along with Yamato's game and calling her as son, and let her alive despite her idolizing Lolden after witnessing the silly Legendary Hour.
"But but he smacked Yamato" yeah, still can be defended as in same way Garp always punched Luffy and threw him to forest (oh what a good behavior from Hero of Marines).
But now what happened? Torturing her with explosive collar and locked her in prison just like what Judge did to child Sanji?

Yeah RIP Kaido's character. It doesn't take a Future Sight to know that this chapter will be an awful chapter.
If the rest of this dialogue is true (and I think it is), then I'm REALLY starting to believe the alliance will

A) Lose at Onigashima
B) Kaido will call the rest of the Rocks pirates to Wano within the next 2 weeks
We are still in act 3 and the tragedy lose of the hereos didn't happen yet. As I though in the past the raid will probably end and Kaido will take the lead of Wano overall. And after the spoiler I can see Kaido even getting a ancient weapon and we see it first time in action. Also Kaido getting a ancient weapon is a reason for the Navy to step up and stop the alliance of Kaido and Big mom.

Gonna be really interesting.
If Orochi is indeed died by Kaido, it's bad writing anyway, no matter what the OPlers say.

We had all build up with Orochi being a scumbag. Who backstabbed Oden thus he feud against Nine Red Scrubbards, especially Kinemon and Denjiro. Who killed Yasuie thus has feud against Zoro.

But out of all people, Kaido just killed him like this? Good job Oda, for staying consistent with this shitty arc!!
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