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How strong is Sanji?

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So i just read the french chapter translation and now i have no doubt , Sanji is 100% being used as a hype tool for King just like with Vergo/Doflamingo lmao

it's getting depressing how oda keep treating him like this while it's cool that he kept the "Sanji coming in clutch and saving someone" narrative it went from before TS where Sanji would look cool doing it to after TS Sanji getting his ass beat down after saving someone which's lame
What annotation confirmed this?
him saying "if i get hit by this i will die with a hole in my stomach" , not landing a single attack and getting hit by that attack

and overall the same feeling/immagary when he went up vs Doffy/Vergo where he would hit them to save someone/something and once they hit back he's out

again maybe i'm wrong and next chapter the continue to fight but it has the exact same feeling as Doffy/Vergo encounters
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