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How strong is Sanji?

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It will just show that flyers are not that strong, and calamities are barely around Cracker /Smoothie if base sanji can tag them
Nah Sanji is strong. Sanji with RS+DJ+HELL Memories should put him around YC 2 level.

Well... he didn't use DJ despite using it even using against fodders post-ts. It was obvious Oda nerfed him
Sanji also hasn't used Hell Memories since Fishman Island. Oda saved that move for more worthy opponents.
The story of Zoro fans since Yonko saga :
Zoro will get to beat Jack at Zou
Zoro will clash à Yonko
Zoro will clash calamity first at Wano

Reality :
Zoro is yet to clash a commander and meet a Yonko face to face.
Zoro conveniently “got lost” right before Kaido showed up in Kuri. The reality is that Zoro ran away because he not as brave as Killer is and won’t fight alongside his captain against Kaido like Killer and Kid did
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