Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoiler Summaries and Images

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989 second half:

Luffy: Okay! Looks like I can make it from here!
Queen: Eh?! Straw Hat!!
Luffy: I can see the sky!!
Zoro: Oh, if it isn’t Luffy!!
Luffy: Zoro!!
Zoro: Where are you going?
Luffy: I’m heading to where Kaido is!!
Zoro: I’m coming, too!!
Queen: No!! Wait, wait!!

Luffy: Rocket!!
All right!! I can go!!
Zoro: Whoa!! What’s that big creature under us?!
Kaido’s up there?
Luffy: Kin’emon’s group is also fighting up there!!
Queen: Hold it right there!!
Luffy: Gyaaah!!
Queen: You think I’ll just let you go, you fools?!

Zoro: Looks like we’re not getting up there at all!!
Luffy: They’ve got the sky super-duper secure!!
Numbers #4: Oowah~~!!!

Franky: Brachio Head, change!
Black Rhino, stand-by!!
Usopp: I don’t get why only one person can ride on it!!
Chopper: But it’s still cool~~!!
Sanji: Did Momo…get away?
Dammit… The suit’s too tough… It pisses me off…
Goon: Jyaki (Numbers #4) was defeated!!

Hyo: Commander Chopper, who used himself as bait for us, fell out!!
The Straw Hat man is also falling!!
The enemies surround us…!!
And yet, I don't know why, but I don't feel like we'll lose!!!

Samurai: It’s the Straw Hats~~~!!!
Luffy: Damn, this isn’t easy!!
Zoro: Anyway, we need to get up there!!
Luffy: All right, fine!!! One more time!!!
Sanji: Do they all have flying powers?!
Luffy: I’m gonna kick Kaido’s ass!!!
I'm leaving the rest up to you guys!! I’m counting on you!!!
Samurai: Whoooa~~~!!! Leave it to us!!!
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