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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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candibois last week :
this is it
the moment we have been waiting for .
gets rammed by king .
king moves on to luffy . the fact that sanji isnt down doesnt make this look any better. highest form of disrespect is to abandon your opponent to take on someone worthwhile. candiboi just wasnt worth his time.
Zoro wasn't worth a fox time, he literally spared his life:gokulaugh:


Page One got serious and then he ran,
:crazwhat:Drake and Hawkin came to Sanji's location. Smart move to retreat rather than fighting 3 of them at once.
just like when Sanji ran from Katakuri,
Vergo is YC3.5 . Look how Vergo did way better tahn Drake who cannot land an attack on Sanji who was looking away at Hiyori.
Saved by Luffy, ran from Hawkins and drake
It's anime only. Sanji's main goal was to save Nami, Shinobu and Robin. He did well against 2 of them in the anime.


On what grounds?

Did king used any substantial attack or did he even tried to go all out?


A brief clash doesn't reflect what you said
Did Sanji even go all out too?
Did he use any substantial attack?

King has attacked Sanji 3x and failed to look like he's way above Sanji.

A brief clash can showcase how each fare to one another.

We saw that :
Sanji COA ~ King
Zoan King probably didn't Damage Sanji (if he did then it's not that serious)
Speed is similar.
(Reminder King onky grabbed and landed a hit coz Sanji wasn't paying attention much.)

Form those we can already say Zoan King can't beat Sanji. Hybrid form is his only hope.
Grandmaster babies who's who and encounter big mam and scare her off with asura aura and enma slash. Luffy tells Zoro to help the scabbards defeat Kaido after seeing how stronk grandmaster really is. Zoro leads scabbards against Kaido. Kaido mentions how Zoro tenacity reminds him of the shimotski clan, then tells him how he wiped out their land and such. Zoro has flashback of Yasuie, Kuina and Ryuma and citizens and fight kaido briefly 1v1 before Luffy comes back in the game. Zoro kills Kaido with Shi shishi sonson. Zoro doesn't go all out against the frog that is Kaido. Zoro ask him before Kaido dies "Have you ever encountered a REAL wild BEAST? Hundred Beasts Kaido laughs shamefully in defeat.:myman:
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Zoro had second most panel time in wano, tied with Oden.:king:
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Zoro will low diff calamity tier who's who because my psycho powers foreshadowed it. Who's who has a mythic white cat fruit. He will look like the tiger Zoro neg diffed earlier in wano anime and manga.
Chapter 989 Title: "Its an all-out war"

Cover Story: "He might actually...be our father"
Pound is at the rear of the ship, and the twins are looking at each other.

In chronological order:

The battle on the roof is happening. We briefly see the minks and the beast pirates alongside jack and Number 7.
Kaido asks the akayaza what are the waiting for, he tells the scabbards to make their move. Kinemon, Denjiro and Ashura charge at Kaido.

Inside Dome: Law is still on the move. Big Mom is angry that Franky and Brook made a fool of her. She remembers Brook. Robinn and Jinbe are there, still in disguise. She swings at them with Napoleon but Luffy successfully deflects her attack with ryuo. However, Luffy is worried about Sanji and Big mom uses a haki punch and sends luffy flying into the nearby wall. The samurai in the dome are still worrying about Big Mom's presence.

Yamato finally meets up with SHinobu, Ulti asks if Yamato dumb, they were still fighting. Yamato tells Momo she is Oden.:josad:

Near the entrance, Sanji is bleeding from King's attack(Not too damaged). Sanji commends the RS for his condition. Kings bounty is revealed 1, 699, 800, 000. He is reverting back to base form. Sanji says he's strong.

Marco and Perospero join the scene. Marco seems to have known king before, Perospero threatens King for kicking the ship off the waterfall.

Zoro meets up once again with Luffy. Zoro tells Luffy this is a troublesome war, they'll have to give everything they got defeat the two Yonko. Luffy says he knows.

Who's who is the last panel smiling and looking at Yamato and Shinobu.

Chapter Ends

No break next week.

Luffy on cover of Magazine next week.
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